We pride ourselves on the level of support we provide and above all seeing improvements in individuals we care for. Excerpts from three real cases, in their own words. Full copies of the transcripts are available upon request.

1) - Individual 1

“I am very happy here and since moving into my own home my life has transformed.  I like having my own space. They {Cheshire Care carers} are a similar age to me and I like working with them. They understand me really well and that means that I am well supported to live a full and independent life.

My health is much better now. I live independently and I am very happy. I don’t take the amount of medication that I used to when I was at Penrose and I am supported to stay well and be independent.

I am supported to do lots of community activities that I choose and frequently go to the cinema.   I was recently diagnosed with epilepsy, but staff are supporting me to manage this condition. This is under control now and I am pretty good at knowing what the triggers are.”

2) - Individual 2

I am a friendly and caring person and have a passion for cleaning. I love to clean my home and keep it tidy, I take medication, which helps with my epilepsy, and my mum and staff will tell you it’s meant to help with my behaviour.

I have been physical towards people and have been known to bite. I get frustrated sometimes and will shake my head, so my staff tell me to stop.  My mum had to make sure she had power of attorney before I was able to have a tenancy agreement as my mum felt she had to sign this, as I wouldn’t understand it.  

My mum keeps a copy of all my documents; she now has the power to act on my behalf and is also my appointee so she handles all my bills.  My mum is very supportive and so are my staff so will always help me to understand what is important.  My favourite colour is pink but my mum and support staff felt that purple was next best colour.  

My staff have their own bedroom in my home and sleep overnight. Lots of my toys are kept in their bedroom, so my home always looks tidy.  I don’t have a job, so do lots of activities at Cheshire Day Centre throughout the week. I go from Monday – Friday 11am - 4pm. It is my choice if I go out to the day centre, some days I don’t want to go. Staff say that it is good for me to go to the day service as it provides me with structure. I have a support plan that is kept up-to-date in the day centre by my team leader, Curtis.”

3) - Individual 3

I have lived in my own home now for just over 6 months. This is my first home on my own. I am settling in well, considering I moved from a hospital where I had lived for 3 years. My communication has improved since I have lived in my own home. My staff say the way I interact with them has also improved since I first moved in.

To support me well, you have to get to know me over time. My staff know a lot about me and they organise their support around me and the way I like things. They know I hear voices and see faces and that it helps me to put my hat on because my hat keeps the voices out. My staff encourage me to tell the voices to “bugger off!” and to tell them they are not going to spoil my day.  My staff will sometimes distract me or re-direct if I'm getting upset. In this way they are also supporting me to “unlearn” some of my old behaviours.

They are supporting me to understand some positive ways to behave and then when I behave in an aggressive way, they will tell me this is not ok. This is gradually working over time. When I was in hospital I had a lot of medication but this has changed now.  I used to have people from Behaviour Support Team come to see me but I'm now signed off from this team.  I like quite a bit of attention and I get this from my staff.   

My staff worked with me when I was in the hospital and then they supported me to move into my new home. Every day they consider which are the best ways to support me and they put the support around me that I need on that day.

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