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What do I do if I would like support from Cheshire Care?

If you would like us to provide support you can contact us on 0121 552 5552 and speak to a member of the office to arrange for someone to come out or for you to come to us to discuss things further.

In an assessment what information would you need?

When we complete assessments the kind of information we would need is diagnoses, medical history, behavioural needs, mobility requirements, dietary requirements, medication information, GP details, any sensory impairments and allergies.

I am waiting funding to be approved, can I be supported?

No, Unfortunately we cannot provide any support until we have written confirmation of funding.

What are the pay rates for support workers?

Pay rates for support workers can vary, this is normally discussed at interview.

Is it true you offer zero hour contracts?

Yes, all support workers are offered a zero hour contract.

I have sent my CV however I have not heard anything?

If you have not heard anything from us within 2 weeks of sending us your CV, you have on this occasion been unsuccessful however you are welcome to reapply after 6 months.

I have applied for a support worker position before – can I reapply?

If you have previously applied and was unsuccessful you are welcome to reapply after 6 months.

I have been successful, can I commence employment before I receive my DBS?

No, we cannot offer you any shifts until we have received a copy of your DBS to ensure the safety of our service users.

I have been successful however I still have not received my DBS?

Some DBS can take longer than 4 weeks, although usually they take between 2-4 weeks. The amount of name changes and address you have can lengthen the time your DBS can take. If you still haven’t received it after 90 days, we can give you a reference number to chase it up.

I have received my DBS, what do I do now?

Once you have received your DBS in the post, if you could bring it into our main office for us to take a copy, we can then arrange your induction.

I have been successful however I was unable to attend some training can I commence employment?

No, we will be unable to offer you any shifts until you have attended and completed all the necessary training. We ask that you try to attend all of your training where possible, however if urgently necessary it can be rearranged subject to any training been booked.

My family member is supported by Cheshire Care, can I apply for a job?

No, our policy states that we are unable to employ relatives of our service users.

I have a family member who already works for you, can I apply too?

No, our policy states that we are unable to employ relatives of other employee’s.

What happens if transport hasn’t been included in day centre funding?

If transport hasn’t been include in funding for day centre, we are unable to provide this service and therefore families will be responsible of transporting there family to and from the day centre.

What is the availability for respite?

Respite availability can vary, we advise all families using our respite to book as early as possible with the office.

As a family member, how can I communicate with staff/management?

We provide communication books for everyone we support which enables staff/management to leave messages for you and for you to be able to pass on messages to us. You can also call us on 0121 552 5552 where we will be happy to discuss anything you wish or alternatively pop in to see us.

Supported living has been approved, how do I go about finding a property?

We can work with you and your family member to help find and view a suitable properties in a convenient location.

When staff are supporting to undertake an activity such as cinema, do they staff have to pay for themselves?

No, we do not expect our staff to pay for activities themselves, this includes any transport required to access any activities as wished by service users.

Is it correct you are unable to provide support for any domiciliary care packages?

Yes, we are unable to provide support for any domiciliary care packages as we are unable to staff them.

What should I do if I have a safeguarding concern?

If you have a safeguarding concern you should contact social services, you can do this by calling either the duty number or alternatively completing an SA1 Form.

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